Yorkshire’s place in history as former world centre of the wool trade is well documented and understood. And yet, there is no single recognisable style of woven Yorkshire piece, in the same way that can be said, for example, of Harris or Donegal tweed. Largely this is due to the sheer quantity and diversity of cloth associated with that afore-mentioned success, for Yorkshire produced all styles of wovens to all parts of the globe.

The textile industry in Yorkshire, although having declined dramatically in the 70s and 80s, has had something of a revival in recent years, and the modern yorkshire woven is reasserting its superior name in the market once again. But there is still no official “Yorkshire Piece” and we think that is rather a glaring oversight – an opportunity lost to promote the region and the Yorkshire name.

That’s why we at YIFA shall be holding a competition next year, inviting the general public to submit their ideas, designs and associated narrative, to finally establish what a Yorkshire Piece would look like and why.

Interested parties: get thi thinkin caps on an thi een oppen!

Last modified: 30/11/2019