Yorkshire possesses more acres than the bible does letters. It is larger by area than 8 member states of the EU, and its population is larger than that of Norway, the Central African Republic, Paraguay, Mongolia, New Zealand or Costa Rica. Yorkshire’s economy is twice the size of that of Wales, and greater than that of Morocco, Slovakia or Sri Lanka. If Yorkshire had been an independent nation in the 2012 Olympic Games, it would have finished in 12th position with 7 Golds, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. That puts it above the likes of the Netherlands, Jamaica, Spain and 2016’s hosts, Brazil. Taking gold medals only into account, Yorkshire would have finished in 8th position along with Australia and Japan. Yorkshire is home to the deepest pothole, the heaviest and highest waterfalls, the biggest chalk cliffs, the longest unbroken uphill ascent, the tallest folly and the highest pub in England. It also has the oldest street in Europe, if not the world…and that’s just one paragraph’s worth! 🙂

Last modified: 23/10/2019