YIFA’s mission is to officially act as cultural guardian for the Yorkshire region – exploring and promoting its identity, dialect and language, history, geography, heritage, tradition and social wellbeing.


YIFA, or the Yorkshire Independent Fellowship Association, has its origins in the Yorkshire International Football Association (est. 2017). Having had some success in promoting the region internationally through its sporting activities, the decision was made in July 2019 to extend the association’s remit, whereupon it was renamed the Yorkshire Independent Fellowship Association to reflect its now broader aims. At the same time, the Ridings of Jorvik Society (est. 2011) was absorbed into YIFA so that its cultural work could be continued therein, and the football team was given effective autonomy to manage its own affairs and officially renamed the Yorkshire Representative Football Team (often simply referred to as the Yorkshire Football Team).

YIFA considers itself the go-to authority on all things Yorkshire, and aims to establish this reputation region-wide over the next ten years. The “Independent” in the association’s full title refers to the assertion that in matters cultural, external bodies (especially those belonging to UK authorities) must defer to the endemic point of view. It in no way represents any voice claiming political independence from the UK, although YIFA respects the right of any Yorkshire persons to hold that opinion.

Besides providing guardianship for Yorkshire culture and acting as official promoters for the Yorkshire Football Team, YIFA carries out independent research into Yorkshire history and heritage. The association also maintains a number of other initiatives including the “Yorzen” Yorkshire citizenship scheme and the “Yorkshire legends” awards and honours roll (both yet to be rolled out).

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and any offers of help will always be gratefully received – whether that means contributing posts, making edits to “the Yorkshire Pages”, marketing/promotional work, or whatever else your talents might extend to. We are always keen to hear from you and can be contacted at the following email address:


Last modified: 13/04/2020